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With the member of colours, she's able to harness her own powers for good. She's mostly capable in healing and what MMORPG likes to call buffing. While her ability to buff others have been called into question, and she's not exactly in control, her wild powers are sometimes special for the normal colour holders. Because of her mixed colour heritage, considering how she's born from a red background, time affected her colours and created more of a lighter tint of the red. Normally, she'd be considered under pink, but since pink isn't really a colour in which the dyaes come from, she's categorized under magenta.

Though Magenta is a bold colour, and sometimes used in a way to catch attention, the ultimate lightening of the colour does allow it to manifest into a healing arts. She's a healer, ultimately, and she's able to heal under the right circumstances. Because of the circumstance of her birth, both her and her brother have the blood of the red category inside of them. Red is considered an aggressive colour, used in an offense, it seems like her brother took most of that aggressive colour from her when they were born. The powers were then split, at almost a 50-50 ratio, leaving her brother fiery like a volcano, his powers taking full heritage of their father's red, and ultimately, the mother's white flew to Tae instead.

It is also known for most colour bearers, and any person with a massive level of colour, is able to detect colour as they appear. It is a hidden instinct, and much like anyone else's natural ability to perform motor abilities such as walking or running, it is very much present. People who are normal also have this ability, but the sense isn't as keen as the others--anyone can tell if there is a change in colour, it just won't be as immediate. 
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Magentae "Tae" Dyaetus

A normally chirpy girl, she's always had the inkling that she would one be the Dyae through unconventional means. Her twin brother, Magentus, was new in line to be next Dyae, which left her in a rather sour mood as a youngster. Due to a lot of complications with the Magenta Dyae before her brother's supposed reign, where the Dyae had fallen short of the expectations and caused a world panic and a loss of colour, majority of her brother's colour was drained in order to make up for the loss of time. The world had fallen in a ten year monochromatic pause, and had to be re-coloured and repopulated. The Print Fraction was taken over by the Digital Fraction, and for that amount of years under the Digital Fraction's reign, they had struggled to grasp the concept of time, colour, and any notion of heart.

When the Print Fraction repopulated and colour was building throughout the Digital Fraction's reign, they regained control over their own fraction and was once more known as the Print Fraction, with little to influence from the Digital Fraction. The burst of colour made the Print Fraction more flourished, and thus a celebration broke out.

Tae was still recovering from the loss of her brother's candidacy, and once more, she felt unhappy about how the things turned out. She's constantly thinking of ways to be able to make the world a better place, and to uphold the peace and balance between the colours through being the Dyae. Where her brother Tus wasn't able to reach and go, she would carry the both of them up.

She's very close to her brother, even as a young child, and she tried her best in everything that she did. When she fell short, she would make up for that shortcoming and see to it that she would be able to recover and strive for success. When her dream of being a Dyae had finally been within reach, her relationship with her brother had fallen sour because of the previous Dyae's shortcomings.

Still, she tries very hard to mend the broken relationship, and no matter what happens, she swear she would be able to fix the broken hinges in her bond with her brother.


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Tae is the Dyae candidate for Magenta, part of the Print Fraction (CMYK). She was born along with the other Dyae candidates on the turn of the fifteenth year, and each cycle of Dyae births, they turn fifteen. She was born on the 20th cycle, since Dyaes are born into the world every ten years, and the candidate choosing process takes every fifteen years, she missed the margin by a little bit. 

Unforunately, At twelve years old, she was plenty mature by the time the candidate process came along. Tae had a twin brother, Magentus, nicknamed 'Tus' and he was selected to be the candidate instead of Tae. However, because of the previous Aenk Dyae had a power struggle with the Huae Dyae, the selection process was prematurely halted in order to bring about order to the world. Thus, in Tae's tenth year, there was a colour outage, and the world completely froze in a constant black and white surrounding, causing a lot of colour children to die out, having drained their colour inside their vial excessively. A lot of the mature adults were put under a worldwide hibernation, causing the world to undergo some form of colourless winter, and that lasted over five years before the power struggle broke free, and colour was restored into the world again.

Restoring the colour was a long and painstaking process, a lot of people gave up hope, and stayed in hibernation hoping for a better outcome when the colourless winter passed. Two and a half years later, the world became vibrant again, peace and balance was restored to the world, and the candidate process began once again.

Because of the colourless winter, the restoring process took a long time, and what would normally take a year, took two years. Tae was 19 that year, when the candidate process began, and by the time she was finally finished, and ascended the role of the Dyae Magentus, she was 21. Her brother, who was the earlier candidate, was placed under a hibernating spell, and completely wiped from the list, and thus, passed from becoming the Dyae. All the children from that time were given the same treatment, and candidacy was given to the next child in line in their family. If the candidate from that time didn't have any other family member capable of becoming a candidate, then the position as that family would be erased, and the number drops by one. 

Tae became the fastest to ascend to Dyaedom, and many scrutinized the counsel's decision of doing so, but the situation was in dire need for a dyae, and so, she became one.


Tae wasn't always part of the Magenta fraction. She was born with hair as pink as cotton candy, and as red as the reddest apple. She had traits of both fractions, one being magenta, one being red, and it was hard for her to blend in. Her striking red eyes often gave people in her vicinity the chills, and they'd call her an abomination. All this changed when she aged, and the colour diluted, thus turning her eyes a magenta colour.

Normally, people who were of dual characteristics weren't allowed to ascend as a Dyae, but the situation was dire, and thus needed a Magenta Dyae.  
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 In a world where colours dominate, there is a handful of colours present. Most people were born under a certain colour category, whether it be red or green, or even blue. A colour could say a lot about a person, and depending on the colour that a person is categorized under, it will determine the path that the person may take, or will take. 

Colours are also separated into fractions; two opposing factors being RGB and CMYK. Both fractions are capable of producing all sorts of colours to the visible eye, but they work in different ways. The two opposing fractions consist of the Print Fraction, and the Digital Fraction. Both fractions are capable of animating things with their ability to colour and dye objects at their disposal. Colouring an object will bring that said object to life, and depending on the size of the object, the amount of colourant will vary. Each ambassador of a certain holds this ability to spread their colours worldwide, whereas the singular individual born into a certain colour will only harness a small fraction, as everyone is capable of colouring something, but not to the degree of the chosen ambassador. The world calls this ambassador a Dyae.

Ambassadors are like the chosen individual both with large amount of colour in them, and by large, the world defines that as an extreme excessive amount. Individuals born to this task usually are special in their own ways. 

In most cases, people born under a certain colour tend to have a colour imprinted on them, and it dominates them as they grow older. This colour is often on their body somewhere, in a form of a mark. This colour is then transferred into a vial, to which the person owns and holds at every given moment. (The person would have this colour drawn out of them before they turn one years old, which will help them harness the power of the colour.) This vial marks their entry into the world of colour and it will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It's never misplaced, which is a plus, and goes where the person goes. It can be worn as a necklace, which is most common, or as a bracelet, or even as a ring. More often than not, they can be made into accessories in which the individual keeps on their person. This normal person would have very normal features as opposed to special individuals.

On the other hand, an individual with a large amount of colour tend to reflect on every aspect of them--where a normal person would have a small mark, the special individual would often have their whole appearance covered in a certain colour. One may be born with cyan coloured hair, or even striking cyan eyes. Some may even have cyan tinted skin at birth. Like normal people, they will have their colours drawn out of them before turning one. However, instead of it being harnessed in a vial, the massive flow of colour will render the person without colour for a while. For instance, if a person has cyan coloured skin, then the person will be without colour in their skin for a brief amount of time until the colour sets. When the colour sets, the person's colour will be manifested into an adornment of some kind, usually infused in their skin. Some people have jewel like adornments sticking from their chest, or on the back of their hands, or other special manifestations. After the colour has been manifested into a certain adornment or object, there will be a remnant of the colour present, often in their hair or eyes, as a symbol of power. 


The Print Fraction
The Print Fraction (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key-Black) are capable of harnessing everything physical in the world. They are able to dye and colour any and all things physical, which gives the object life, as mentioned above. They are the ambassadors of the print world, as everything outputted on a physical basis will be coloured in CMYK. Since the Print Fraction is made up of four different colours, it takes them considerably more time and colours in order to bring forth the true colour in objects, as opposed to the Digital Fraction. However, being with more colours, it takes them less time to produce the colours, which allows them colour things with less time. They are also called the Subtractive Fraction, as their colours are made to subtract the fraction colours in order to create white. CMYK mixed together is ultimately black, and when mixed together, minus the initial colours, form RBG, which creates white. However, another reason they're called the Subtractive Fraction is because they make the colour black, and hence, the Print Fraction symbolizes the darker side of things, as opposed to the Digital Fraction.

Like most things, when there is a light, there will always be a dark. These fractions are no exception, and neither do they deviate from the norm. The colours derived from their mix often gets outputted a lot dimmer, but the variant is there, and therefore, the physical world remains colourful.

They chose also to call their ambassadors differently, although ambassadors are traditionally called Dyaes, the Print Fraction has an alternative name: Aenk. They use the names alternatively, but most commonly, they choose to mix the two and call them theAenk Dyae, in order to differentiate from the Digital Fraction's ambassadors.

The Digital Fraction
The Screen Fraction (Red, Green, Blue) are capable of producing all colours and things that are digital, and like mentioned above, any object they give colours to will bring that said object to life. Like the Print Fraction, the Screen Fraction is the ambassador of the digital world. They, like the Print Fraction, also has an alternative fraction name--they're known as the Additive Fraction, as their colours (RGB) mixed together become white. They symbolize the light side of things, as most cases, digital worlds are often lit with light, and thus, reflect into white. Since the Digital Fraction is made up of three different colours, it takes them less colour to dye objects. However, being made up of three different colours, it takes them more time in order to manifest colour on to an object as opposed to the Print Fraction.

Similar to their Print Fraction, they also have name for their ambassadors, to which they call them Huae. And like the Print Fraction, they commonly refer to their ambassadors as Huae Dyae, in order to differentiate from the Print Fraction.


The Print and Digital Fractions don't get along--they often fight with each other for power, and both mediums are not at peace with each other. They often output different colours, even if the starting colour is the same. The manifestation of the colours often leaves them at a battle to name the true colours, which they've been battling since the beginning. They are known to work together in the beginning, however, because the change from Digital to Print became such a time-consuming thing, they decided to break off ties and do their own thing. 

Back when they used to convert digital to print, they would notice that the colours, when converted, became different on each platform, and hence, the battle began for who had the true colour. Hence, the battle of the true hue began, and has not stopped since. 



Dyaes have a very important job to colour the world in the way that would reflect the best outcome and image for their world. It is a very tiresome job to stay guard and watch over the world as a chosen individual fated to watch over the balance of the colours. Each colour has their own dyae, and every fifteen years, they would host a festival in order to choose a different dyae. Because Dyaes are born into the world every twenty years, it gives them ample time in order to find a new candidate.

In every world, it's not just one dyae being born--if it was that easy, then it would very efficient world indeed. However, the world doesn't work that way, and many dyae candidates are born into the world at roughly the same time. They go through challenges and obstacles in order to arrive on top as the dyae for their colour, and it's by no means a peaceful encounter. At a young age, children of the colour are taught to harness their powers to a maximum in order to become a successful candidate. Those born into the timeline of a dyae tend to mature very fast and really early on, allowing them to inherit the role in a timely fashion. 

asdf Once a Dyae has stepped down from the role, it will be impossible for them to ascend the role once more. This is because as a Dyae, the exposure to the multiple colours will be inevitable. Some Dyaes last a lot shorter than most (but it's uncommon and rare), and with the necessary measures, the people of the colour will ultimately aid by supplying their colours to the Dyae for the greater good. In that case, when that happens, the population will ultimately decrease, resulting in a shortage of that specific colour in the world, and sometimes, it's a symbol of a bad omen.

When a Dyae ascend his or her role as the ambassador, all measures are taken in order to ensure that the person lasts for the duration of their role. If a Dyae doesn't, it will cause a problem. Before the feud started between the two fraction, it would be common for the the other fraction to help mix the colours in order to supply for the Dyae's ultimate collapse. But since the feud started, the shortage would end in the the other fraction taking over, much like if one country were to take over another country for loots and whatnot. In this case, the fraction would suffer large loses until moments rise when the population rises once more, and the original fraction ushers the other occupying fraction out.



Colours work in very mysterious ways. It's mainly used as peace offerings, and by colouring things in order to use them as tools of the trade. Mainly used for non-violent means, the different colours are harnessed by mixing colours of various individuals. Colours can be altered by extreme measures, and sometimes, when a person undergoes severe personality changes, the person's colour changes, as well. Colour is tied with personality, and each other has their own definite personality type, with a few deviations. 

The colour that a person is born under is often determined by the parents, as well. If a parent has a certain colour in them, the initial colour (the colour that the person is born with) will be the inherited colour. Much like hair dye, colour can change, but the initial base colour will not. This is the colour that is passed through genetic reproduction.

Colour is a means of a peacemaking and peaceful activity--people are allowed to colour things in order to animate objects to their liking, as mentioned above, however, because of the recent activities with the longstanding war between the two fractions, the uses of colour has become a lot less peaceful and more violent. Because Colour was initially used for bringing objects to animation, it has caused many other things into animation and using them as means of hurting each other. 

Colour is also a source of energy and life force. If a person's colour were to run out in some way, it would cause the person to cease to exist. This doesn't happen very often because colour tend to replenish every 12 hours. Unless under dire situations, the life of a person due to colour depletion only happens once in a blue moon.  



Powers are tied with the colour. Due to the recent events, it has been used as means of violence. There are a few different ways colour can be used:
  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Healing
  • Building
Attacking can be further divided into different categories depending on the type of person and their associate weapons. Most people are able to harness this power through the power of their vial, which holds their associate colour in them. It could be used as a necklace by itself, if it's been bound into a necklace, or any other accessory, depending on the way they were bound. 

Another way it's used is to tie and bind this vial to a staff which will allow the user to harness the power through channeling it through the staff or some kind. It could also be used to power up and animate a sword, which will be the means of channeling the colour through that specific colour.

Keep in mind, though, through everyone is able to harness their colour, not all are able to channel their colour through any associate object/weapon because of the amount of colour that the person may have.