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Blinded by the colours of your desire; lose the colour of your heart

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Magentae "Tae" Dyaetus

A normally chirpy girl, she's always had the inkling that she would one be the Dyae through unconventional means. Her twin brother, Magentus, was new in line to be next Dyae, which left her in a rather sour mood as a youngster. Due to a lot of complications with the Magenta Dyae before her brother's supposed reign, where the Dyae had fallen short of the expectations and caused a world panic and a loss of colour, majority of her brother's colour was drained in order to make up for the loss of time. The world had fallen in a ten year monochromatic pause, and had to be re-coloured and repopulated. The Print Fraction was taken over by the Digital Fraction, and for that amount of years under the Digital Fraction's reign, they had struggled to grasp the concept of time, colour, and any notion of heart.

When the Print Fraction repopulated and colour was building throughout the Digital Fraction's reign, they regained control over their own fraction and was once more known as the Print Fraction, with little to influence from the Digital Fraction. The burst of colour made the Print Fraction more flourished, and thus a celebration broke out.

Tae was still recovering from the loss of her brother's candidacy, and once more, she felt unhappy about how the things turned out. She's constantly thinking of ways to be able to make the world a better place, and to uphold the peace and balance between the colours through being the Dyae. Where her brother Tus wasn't able to reach and go, she would carry the both of them up.

She's very close to her brother, even as a young child, and she tried her best in everything that she did. When she fell short, she would make up for that shortcoming and see to it that she would be able to recover and strive for success. When her dream of being a Dyae had finally been within reach, her relationship with her brother had fallen sour because of the previous Dyae's shortcomings.

Still, she tries very hard to mend the broken relationship, and no matter what happens, she swear she would be able to fix the broken hinges in her bond with her brother.

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